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About Tomball Roofers

Here at, we are dedicated to providing all of our clients with professional roofing expertise, expert craftsmanship, and complete satisfaction. We take a “one roofing project at a time” approach, delivering personal attention and the ultimate in quality on every job we do.

Professional roofing expertise is especially important to us because you deserve nothing less. However, delivering expertise doesn't come easy. We have strict hiring criteria in place to ensure that only the best roofers in Texas work for us. Because of this, our professionalism has also helped build our reputation. We emphasize craftsmanship because we are proud of our work and understand that cutting corners does not pay. Next, complete satisfaction is our primary goal on all jobs that we handle.

Together, professional roofing expertise, craftsmanship, and complete satisfaction have served Tomball Roofers – and our customers – exceptionally well since our company began. We are committed to continuing building on this foundation.

Our company has its roots in construction – framing in particular. As we grew, roofing became a natural extension. Today, our roofing crews are expert tradesmen who are highly skilled roofers. We are a close-knit company that cares about the safety of our roofers and the satisfaction of our customers. We do not rest until we know that all of our workers arrived home safely and all of our customers are pleased with their work.

If you’ve been longing to work with a company that does things the old-fashioned way, give us a call. We think that you’ll be impressed with the difference!