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Tomball Roofers Common Questions

My insurance says I need to pay the first $500 toward my new roof before they will pay a penny. Am I being ripped off?
It sounds as though you may have a $500 deductible. Insurance deductibles are written into your policy. In general, the higher the deductible, the lower the insurance premium. However, once a covered loss occurs, the deductible must be met before the insurance company pays. You, the insured, are responsible for paying your portion, the deductible. Once that deductible has been met, the insurance will pay the balance up to the policy limits.

My roof repairs are less than my insurance deductible. Should I file a claim anyway?
There’s no need to file an insurance claim if the repairs are below your deductible amount. Unless there’s additional damage that will bring the claim above the deductible, you’re wise to avoid the hassles of filing a useless claim. Plus, once you file a claim, your insurance has a record of it and could potentially use that in calculating your future premiums. Suddenly, since your house has suffered a “loss,” it may be considered more risky than before.

Which roofing materials do you recommend?
Quality materials! While the specific materials may be a matter of personal taste, architectural styles, or even budget, we highly recommend investing in quality roofing materials from reputable supplies. Look for long warranties as the suppliers’ mark of faith in their products. We are happy to recommend specific brands that meet our criteria from quality. Contact us today for a free Tomball roofing estimate.

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