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Tomball Roofers provides property owners and businesses with expert roof installations and repairs. We deliver complete satisfaction, professional roofing expertise, and quality craftsmanship on each and every roof installation that we handle in Tomball and surrounding TX cities.

Roofing Products
Because quality is of utmost importance to us, we recommend high quality roofing materials. This doesn’t necessarily translate into more expensive products. In fact, we work with numerous vendors, all of which offer excellent roofing materials for just about any budget. We offer roofing materials in numerous categories including:

• Tile roofing materials
• Composite roofing materials
• Metal roofing
• Slate roofing
• Flashing
• Wood roofing
• Concrete roofing

We work with our customers so that the right materials are selected for the desired look as well as the home’s structure. For example, if you want a new concrete roof, but your home is not structurally strong enough to bear the weight, we will recommend alternative materials or come up with a solution that works for you and your home.

Roofing Services in Tomball
Tomball Roofers offers roofing help for just about any roofing situation imaginable ranging from routine leak repairs to complete roof renovations due to storms, wear and tear, and remodels. Among the many services we offer are:

• Roof inspections – whether you’re disputing an insurance claim or considering buying a home with a questionable roof, we can help!

• Leaking roof – has your roof sprung a leak? Contact Tomball Roofers as soon as possible for the fastest service.

loose or missing shingles.
• Roof repairs – from hail damage to blown off rooftops, we can handle repairs of any severity.

• Roof board up / temporary roof repairs – as soon as it is safe to venture out, our work crews are fast responders after severe weather strikes.

• Roof installs – from brand new roof installations to remodels and renovations, count on Tomball Roofers to install a new roof to your specifications.

• Roof demolish service – whether you’re tearing down a building to make room for another or need a roof removed as part of a room addition or remodel, contact us for safe, prompt, and professional roof demolishing. Our crews are experts who follow all safety precautions and best practices.

Tomball Roofers Priorities
For over two decades, Tomball Roofers has served the roofing needs of the area. Over the years, we have learned that craftsmanship, complete customer satisfaction, and professional roofing expertise matter. You can count on us to deliver complete roofing services built on a solid foundation of craftsmanship, satisfaction, and expertise.